The Hoo-Hoo Whisperer is a blog dedicated to Women’s Bowel, Bladder and Sexual Health.  Born out of stories and real life experiences from hundreds of women, this blog was created to bring light to hidden struggles and common issues that people are facing.  We hope that the stories, articles, and discussions will inspire and educate you.

About the Creator of Hoo-Hoo Whisperer:  Robin Christenson, MPT

Robin Christenson is an expert in Sexual, Bladder, and Bowel Dysfunction.  She has over a decade of experience as a uro-gynecologic physical therapist, clinic founder and now consultant for a renowned southern California integrative pelvic health clinic .  Robin’s career goal is to expose the hidden battles of sexual health and let it be known that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, THIS IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD, and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT!!!!